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Daniel Woods

Name: Daniel Woods
Date of birth: 08/01/1989 Richardson, TX (USA)
Living in: Longmont, CO (USA)
Nationality: American
Height: 5'6" (168cm)
Weight: 125 (57Kg)
Began Climbing: 1995, when I was 5
Job: student - high school at Longmont High
Best Onsight (sport climbing): 12c ( 7b+)
Best Flash (sport climbing): 13a ( 7c+)
Hardest Redpoint: Supertweek 14b ( 8c)
Best flash (bouldering): V10 ( 7C+)
Hardest boulder: Automator and Centaur , both are V13 (8B)
Favorite climbing style: Redpoint at present, better if crimpy and roofy!
Favourite sport climbing crag: Rifle, Rumney (USA)
Favourite bouldering spot: RMNP and Hueco Tanks
Favourite Route: 7 p.m. T.V. Show
Favourite Boulder Problem: Automator (8B)
Competition Results: 2nd and 3rd at Junior World Cup
Music: Dr. Octagon, Tool, Talib Qwali, and lots of rap
Favourite drink: Orange juice with whipped cream and a cherry on top
Alimentation-Favourite meal: tacos, taco pie, burritos, pizza, fluffer nutter, and whipped cream sandwich with ice cream and chocolate syrup
Hobby: Of course Rock Climbing but I also like to play unreal tournament 2003 with my friend Andy Raether
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Daniel Woods
...excaping from mum, after cranking off 1 arms on door jams!
by Daniel Vecchiato - ©, 18 October 2004

© 2004 - All Rights Reserved

It seems that Daniel got into climbing pretty well guys! He even shocked himself! What more?!?!

>> VIDEO <<

Well Daniel, I think that this has been a wonderful year for you! You did your first 8Bs boulder (The Automator, The Centaur), 8c in sport climbing (Super Tweak-Logan Canyon), you have been 2nd at the PCA Season 3…What's your secret?
Well I guess my secret is cranking off 1 arms on door jams and doing 1 arm hangs on door jams. Even though my mom yells at me whenever I do this, I have realized it has made me be able to lock off crimps so much better. I also do laps on routes to build up endurance and if the route requires power endurance, I make up 20 to 24 move boulder problems at The Spot bouldering gym in Boulder, CO. I guess that is my secret other than just go out and climb hard.

Did you already try any 9a ?
No not yet but I am really psyched to go to Arco in Italy and try this 14c/d called Underground. Andy and I have been watching the video of Thomas Mrazek doing it and are really psyched. I hopefully will get out there sometime soon.

Daniel Woods
Deep Puddle Dynamics (V9)
You live in the US, have You also had the chance to climb abroad? Where?
No not really. Every time I go to Europe is for junior worlds. I want to go to Arco, Ceuse, Buoux, Gorges Du Tarn, and the Gramps in Australia really really really bad though.

What do You do in life?
Well lets see climb climb and climb again. I do not do really anything on my rest days except for do homework and play Unreal Tournament with Andy and my dad.

Is it easy to climb outside where you live?
Yea I live in Colorado, of course it is easy. I have climbing literally 30 minutes away from me. Rifle is the only crag that is 4 hours away.

How did you start climbing? Did your family have any influence?
Yea I started because my dad introduced me into it so I quit everything else and became a rock climber.

Is there any climber that inspired you in the beginning?
No not really. I didn't know any famous climbers at the time.


Daniel Woods
Centaur (V13)
And which is, in your opinion, the most influential climber in the US? Um I like all the climbers as long as you don't spray all over the place about your ascents and don't accuse people of not doing something because they topped out wrong or skipped the crux of a route or problem. I mean who cares as long as you're having fun and climbing. That is what it is all about isn't it? I do think Chris Sharma and James Litz though are really influential. Climbing with Litz just motivated me to get stronger fingers.


Are there a lot of young Americans getting into climbing? Can you say that climbing is 'popular' in the US?
Yes there are a lot of kids getting into climbing but it isn't a mainstream sport yet.

You got your first 8c this year! Has it been exciting? How did you feel after getting it?
I was actually shocked because I sent it 3rd try first day so it was quite amazing. It was strange that I sent my hardest climb yet in only 3 tries. This just showed me that I am capable of climbing harder stuff.

What would be more exciting: to win a PCA tour leg or to solve an 8c?
I think to send an 8c. I would totally be more psyched on this because I just prefer climbing outside. I mean PCAs are really fun and you get cash but I would rather do an 8c.

Daniel Woods
Daniel on Sprayathon (5.13c) - Rifle

It seems that for you the switch from sport climbing to bouldering is pretty easy! What do you enjoy the most?

I honestly like doing both the most. When I get bored with sport climbing I boulder till I get sick of that. I have learned that doing both makes you stronger at one or the other. It's like a switch off. You boulder so you can do powerful moves on routes, and you do routes so you can have endurance and more stamina for boulder problems.

You are getting popular man! Is it difficult to deal with it? Do You feel any pressure?
I feel absolutely no pressure. I don't have to impress people by sending hard stuff and winning comps. I just climb for myself whenever and however I want too.

Is it easy to get sponsorships in the US?
Ummm… sort of. All of my sponsors I got recommendations from other people. I would have to say yes to that though.

Which are your main strengths and weaknesses …in climbing?
I can do lots of things that have crimpers on roofs and big lock offs. I would have to say my weaknesses though would be slopey problems and technical problems.

What does FreakClimbing mean for you? Which is the FreakClimbing spirit that characterises your climbing approach?
I like going to FreakClimbing because there is so much information out there. I can watch videos and pro tips to get psyched up for climbing. I can look at rad pics and interviews of climbers. I would just have to say that it gets me more psyched to go outside and send.

Plans and projects for the future? Targets for 2005?
I want to do Circadian Rhythm this winter, Nuthin But Sunshine, Freshly Squeezed, 3rd Millennium, Livin Astro, China Beach, and these projects near Rifle.
Its going to be a busy year hahahaha…

© 2004 - All Rights Reserved


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