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2009-04-15 14:40:00
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  • MoonDeluxe Large Pad by MoonDeluxe Large Pad
Sport Climbing 26 May 2008 - 11:00:00 Posted by Freak      

Adam Ondra on Action Directe, 9a (Video)

Adam Ondra did it! No doubt he was the man ready to add its name to the list of the repeatitors of the mithical 9a benchmark Action Directe!

Adam Ondra on Action Directe, 9a (frankenjura Germany)
ph: Bida

source: czechclimbing.com
Action Directe is the worlds 1st 9a (Frankenjura - Germany)!

Action Directe has first been climbed by climbing-legend Wolfgang Gullich in 1991!!

It took Adam 15 tries (+ 15 goes in order to manage the first dyno) in order to solve the route!

But watch Adam in Action!!

Action Direct ascents:
1 Wolfgang Gullich (1991)
2 Alexander Adler (1995)
3 Iker Pou (2000)
4 Dave Graham (2001)
5 Christian Bindhammer (2003)
6 Richard Simpson (13/10/2005)
7 Dai Koyamada (15/10/2005)
8 Markus Bock (22/10/2005)
9 Kilian Fischhuber (26/09/2006)
10. Adam Ondra (19/05/2008)

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