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  • MoonCypher Pant by MoonCypher Pant
Xtra 09 January 2007 - 16:40:00 Posted by Freak      

Training Part 1: motivation

Ok guys, we are back after the xmas holydays!

After the big meals that go well along Xmas new year eve etc it's time to go back to training if we all want to finally accomplish our main 2007 climbing goal: climb that 10a we have been working on in last 10 years!

Ok, after the preamble let's start with this first training appointment!

In this first training chapter we will consider MOTIVATION.
Well motivation is "It's the key to success" as stated by Ben Moon, and if Ben said that we belive it!

The aim is therefore to keep our motivation high. We can accomplish this by setting some goals on rock and this  works absolutely fine. Despite goals settings on rock is a good starting point, we can regard it as a necessary condition, but it is not straightforward that it is also a  sufficient condition.

It might happen that we get into a kind of training routine that will literally kill our motivation! Our suggestion in this first training appointment is therefore to get "out of the loop" and don't be scared to keep your training various in order to give different stimuli to your body!

Let's get out of the loop and get inspiration from the following video!
Just a small note: if you live in the northern emisphere, get a t-shirt in this season if you don't wanna stay on the toilet for the rest of the week!
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