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  • MoonStripe Tee by MoonStripe Tee
Xtra 27 November 2006 - 16:29:11 Posted by Freak      

World Cup 2006: King of party poll

Mmmmmmmmm, has you read the World Cup 2006 (Difficulty, bouldering, Speed) came to and end. But...

...who, among the competitors is the king of parties?!?

Mr Tomas Mrazek sent a special 007 to do a reportage and a gallery of the craziest pics with the competitors in anusual performances is online on tomas website!




But let have a look at the nominations:
by TomasMrazek.cz
"There have been a lot of candidates who can be nominated and become a Winner. Criteria have been very strict: we judge according to a drunkenness, a regular participation, and - one of the most important - according to entertaining other people by the candidate.

Nominated are:

David Lama: for a regular participation and an unforgettable performance on the party in Kraj
Tomas Mrazek: for a regular participation, especially for Dinamaster and the World Cup in Marbella
Tomas Olesky: for a regular participation, especially the World Cup in Fiera and Grindelwald
Garry Pareth: for a regular participation, especially the World Cup in Fiera
Silvie Rajfová: for the World Cup in Moscow
Alexander Chabot: for Dimamasters
Igor Gusak: who knows he understands
Jerome Meyer: for a regular participation and interesting strip-performances on all parties
Mathias Muller: for a regular participation and a dancing performance on the World Cup in Moscow
Natalia Gros: for the European Championship in Ekaterinburg and Dinamasters
Kilián Fischhuber: for a regular participation, especially the World Cup in Moscow
Helena Lipenská: for a regular and - above all -patient participation until early morning's hours
The last candidate is one of the people who run competitions (coaches, organizations, builders...)
Jackie Godoffe: for the World Cup in Moscow

Special nomination for ANTIDRINKMASTER:
Angela Eiter
Flavio Crespi

Hun Wu Kho will be showing an up-to-date rank every week on these websites. A voting period is a month - it means 22.11. 2006 - 22. 12. 2006.
Choose the best three candidates and choose the place for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. There are three points for the first one, 2 points for the second one and 1 point for the third one. It is possible to vote just once.
Please email to tomasmrazek@tomasmrazek.cz.

If anybody else knows about somebody who would fit in this competition please don't be ashamed and send as his/her name, description of the event and a photo. We suppose that the candidate list will expand.

The prize for the Winner is unique and will contain percent of alcohol but with respect to nominated sportsmen it will be pure organic and home made.
Keep watching the websites and look forward really scandalous photos!

Best Wishes
Hun Vu Kho"

Have a look and vote for your favourite World Cup King of the Party candidate!

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