Dan Here we are! We can definitely say that Freakclimbing.com is simply the "fruit of  passion" or a ... "passion fruit" see it as you like, given that we don't get a quid! But who runs your everyday climbing  freak e-zine?!?!

Dan & Teo, two Italian ex University mates, a climber the first, a snowboarder the second, but with mountains in his blood, given that he comes from the core of Dolomites, Fassa Valley.

Brief history
is officially born the 1st of August 2003, but when it was a child it was hosted by geocities.com, and only this year it started to move its first steps by itself!!

The spirit of  Freakclimbing.com is to share the emotions that every of us lives in his road trips, climbing weekends ... bonfire nights...with different shades, but with the same passion!

Give us your feedbacks and build Freakclimbing.com with us!

Get inspired, follow our rhythm!!